Travel Insurance

Unexpected medical emergencies may arise during your trip and that is when our Travel Insurance comes in to protect yourself and your loved ones with our comprehensive medical assistance services. In the event of a medical emergency, our in-house medical team with a wide range of medical expertise will see that your medical needs are met with expediency and expert care.

We think ahead of your travel needs

We are the only insurer in Singapore with wholly-owned global service centres in key locations worldwide. Through these centres, we provide a broad range of travel assistance services, before, during and after the trip, 24/7/365. Making a claim? We deliver faster, hassle-free travel claims payments via PayNow so as to enhance your experience with us. Take a look below to see all the ways we think ahead to ensure a smooth journey for you, from start to finish.

Be aware of the typical causes of a trip cancellation and how you can be prepared.

No one wants to cancel their holiday but sometimes it’s unavoidable. You can’t control whether an earthquake or epidemic will break out at your holiday destination. You can’t stop a volcano eruption from spewing ash. And you can’t personally negotiate with a union to stop a crew strike from grinding an airline’s operations to a halt. We know, reality bites, and situations can and will force you to put your holiday on hold. What you should also know is how these situations could be covered by your Travel Guard Direct.