Auto Insurance

Be it a drive home after a long day at work or a weekend ride with the family, protect you and your loved ones on the busy roads and rainy days so you can enjoy a carefree drive. We have covered 800,000 cars on the road. You can leave your car protection to us. We do more to protect you on the road than merely compensating you if an accident occurs. For instance, we’re using telematics to evaluate driving behaviour. Safer drivers earn discounts off their auto insurance premiums on top of NCD. By incentivising safer drivers and lowering the chances of accidents, we think ahead of the unexpected. Take a look below to see how else we think ahead of your needs on the road to ensure safer and smoother journeys.

Straightforward and fast sign-up process. Comprehensive coverage. And when the need for claim arises, we are here all ready to assist you. All we need are three pieces of information to get you a quotation.We have paid out 15,000 claims this year alone. If something unexpected happens to your car, rest assured that we've got your back.

Young and/or inexperienced driver excess In addition to the policy excess, a young and/or inexperienced driver (YIDR) excess of S$3,210 (including GST), applies to you or any authorised driver (named and unnamed) who is below the age of 23 (in case of all age condition policies), has less than two years’ driving experience, or both. The YIDR excess is not applicable to named driver policies. If your car is damaged through no fault of yours, your No Claims Discount (NCD) remains intact and no upfront excess payment is required - that’s our claims promise!Other insurers penalise you 30% when you make claims. We only deduct 10%1. We cover you, your passengers and your car When you encounter bumps along the road, we're here to provide 24/7 roadside rescue.