Home Insurance

Everyone needs different things from their insurance. Your home isn’t just your biggest investment. It’s also your sanctuary; a place to relax and recharge. With our suite of home insurance plans carefully designed to suit different needs, we think ahead for you, so you can rest worry-free. We can help you find the most suitable home insurance plan based on your needs. Build the protection you need for your home and its contents Your home protection needs are as unique as your property. Our Homes Advantage Package plan and Homes Advantage custom plan let you tailor coverage for your home and belongings, protecting everything from the walls and windows to furniture and valuables. Opt for the convenience of a complete package, or set your own coverage with a custom plan.

Why buy home insurance? Your home is much more than just four walls and a ceiling. If you have a mortgage on your property, you probably already have fire insurance. In general, basic fire insurance covers your property's physical structure. It usually does not cover the things that make it your home – your belongings, valuables and any improvements you might have made. A home insurance plan helps to protect not only the structure but also the contents of your home, against unexpected events like a flood, fire or theft. With its affordable premiums, CRS Insurance Agency's home insurance is a sensible way to safeguard your biggest asset.

Home insurance plans include cover for:


  • Building, renovated items, fixtures and fittings
  • Contents, furniture and clothing
  • Personal belongings and valuables
  • Worldwide personal effects and identity fraud
  • Personal and tenant liability