Life Insurance

Many life insurers are turning to CRS Insurance Agency PTE Ltd for help in exploiting the potential of digital technologies to make customers the pivot of their businesses and to aim for growth and operational excellence. We believe carriers can create economic value by reviewing and updating their business and operating models to take full advantage of new opportunities such as connected insurance, the power of analytics and artificial intelligence, and ecosystems. Simply digitizing existing processes is not enough. CRS Insurance Agency PTE Ltd is an industry leader in helping develop and implement a comprehensive "living business" strategy that enables insurers to continuously adapt to and profit from disruption. Within this broad role, our specific areas of focus are below. For many years, we have worked with many of the world's leading life and annuity insurers. We collaborate with clients to plan and implement the complex business and operational changes needed to achieve high performance in a volatile market.


Decreasing Term Assurance


  • Protection against Death, Total and Permanent Disability and Terminal Illness
  • Single or Joint Life Coverage
  • Flexible premium payment terms
  • Customised for your home loan

Direct - Life Lite

  • Flexible coverage with choice of 2 premium payment term
  • Death and Terminal Illness protection for whole of life
  • Cash values and bonuses
  • Advance payout upon disability

Direct - Term Lite


  • lexible coverage and policy term
  • Death and Terminal Illness protection for the period you desire
  • Guaranteed Renewability
  • Advance payout upon disability

Serious Illness Insurance


  • Our Stand Alone Critical illness product covers 40 major illness. Falling ill and losing one's financial security is a frightening thought for anyone. The Life-extra plan gives you the much needed peace of mind and coverage to protect your family, your lifestyle and help you recover from a serious illness or condition

What's Covered:

  • There is a waiting period of 90 days
  • Survival Period: Disease Specific